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PERSONAL BRANDING: How beautiful portraits are good for your business

branding photoshoot of woman smiling naturally
A good photographer can make a posed image look natural

With social media shifting from being a useful tool to a requirement for businesses and

entrepreneurs alike, having an updated portrait of yourself has become a necessity. If you're someone who is usually comfortable in front of the camera, chances are scheduling a branding session with your favourite photographer is something you look forward to every year. But for the rest of us "unphotogenic" introverts, this photoshoot is something we put off for as long as possible.

If you are reading, chances are you're already considering taking that next step and investing on your brand. I am here to give you a bit of encouragement by showing you all the ways this investment will pay off.


When we scroll through a perfectly aesthetic Instagram feed we are aware that this is not what this person's life actually looks like, but little does that matter. Our brains automatically perceive this individual as somebody that has it all.

You might be just starting off and want to look well established in order to inspire trust. You might be a professional with many years of experience looking to take your business to the next level. Whichever one it is, beautiful portraits will make others perceive you as somebody successful, attracting more clients who will want to invest in you.


If you've been using stock photography to provide images for your website and social media you might be a step ahead of somebody who uses no images, but there is still one problem. Those images are not only used by countless other businesses, but part of their appeal is that they are crafted to be extremely generic. With a personalized photoshoot you have a higher chance of becoming memorable to your potential clients. It's an essential part of crafting your brand identity.


It is incredibly important (-and hard) to be able to capture people's attention. In an instant, a good portrait can communicate who you are and what your brand is all about. Branding portraits give an insight into what expect from the person behind the business, helping your potential clients connect with you and your brand's message.

flyer for non profit
Once you have the photos, the possibilities are limitless


From social media and email campaigns to printed marketing materials. There are infinite ways you can use and reuse the final images to promote your business.


Photography is a complicated craft were many factors come into play. If you think of yourself as unphotogenic, chances are you've been dealing with people who don't know how to take photos your whole life; but that could be about to change. During a professional photoshoot every last detail is taken care of. A make up artist helps to bring out the best out of your natural features, you're guided to choose styling that flatters your figure and the photographer will help you find the poses and expressions that bring out the best in you. The minute you see those final results, your own perception about yourself will change and hopefully you'll have a set of images that reflect back to you how incredible you are.

If you're still unsure, just listen to Sharna's testimonial. "Micaela was so lovely and encouraging to work with. She took the stress out of the day and made me feel so comfortable". When I arrived to our selected location in Roseville, Sydney, she made sure to warn me how bad she looks in photos. With a bit of direction and good lighting her smile grew brighter and brighter as she saw on my camera screen what was being captured. Now all you see when you look at these images is a successful confident professional.

Now Sharna is ready to take her business to the next level. Make sure to find out more about how to book your photoshoot if you wish to do the same.


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