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about us

We are a Sydney based photography studio with one goal in mind: inspire creativity among the artistic community in Australia and around the world.

We seek to redefine photography, unite creatives, educate aspiring artists and break stereotypes.

We work with brands, professionals, entrepreneurs, models, artists and anybody who has a spark of creativity inside of them.

female model portfolio
photographer micaela chutrau

micaela chutrau

Hi there! I am a Sydney based photographer who specializes in fashion styled portraiture. Whether you are a professional or somebody who has never set foot in front of a camera matters very little. I love getting to know each of my models and figuring out unique ways of showcasing their beauty. A photoshoot is not just about the final images, but about offering a unique experience that you will treasure forever.  

Here are some random facts to help you to know a bit more about me:

  • I am originally from Argentina (sí, hablo español)

  • I try to make friends everywhere I go

  • Many of the portraits on this page where taken while I was very pregnant or just a few days after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl

  • I'm adventurous, yet not very fit or coordinated, which always leads to funny stories

  • My wedding had a table of people I had met through photoshoots

  • I travelled the world for two years before settling in Australia with my husband

  • I am obsessed with light and set creation, so no idea is too crazy. Bring it on!


woman model portrait

Tiffany Rutherford 

"I came here to have some headshots done and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by how sweet and professional Micaela is, she went completely out and beyond to make me feel comfortable and happy with the images she shot and I’ll 100% be coming back here to work with her again in future!"

man stylized fashion portrait

"Micaela was extremely talented with amazing creative vision. The photoshoot concepts and set design she came up with blew me away. She was also extremely charismatic and made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the shoot. The studio itself was a wonderful facility as well with great equipment at their disposal. Very pleased!"

woman activism project


"I worked with Micaela both as a model and as a makeup artist. She had impeccable out of the box problem solving skills, professionalism and versatility through out. She directs her subjects with ease and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Her energy is magnetic and sets her apart. I can't recommend her enough!"

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