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Right after you contact our team, we will follow up with a phone call. It's important for us to know the reason behind your booking. Once we make sure that we have understood the outcome you wish to have from this photoshoot, we will be able to offer you a quote and finally set a date.

This sounds like a lot of information to get over a phone call, but don't worry about taking notes: every call is followed by an email detailing everything we discussed. The email also has an invoice attached. If you wish to move forward, we require a 20% deposit to secure your booking. The final amount can be paid at any point before you leave the studio on the day of the booking. Please note that we do not send out any photos until the final amount has been paid.

Unless your email is a headshot, we will follow up this consultation with potential mood boards (collage of images representing different aspects of the shoot) so we can make sure that all parties are happy with the vision for the day. Assistance with styling or collecting necessary props is also included.

spread of jpeg images for editing
moodboard for photoshoot


The day will start with you arriving to the location. If it's at the studio, we will enjoy a complimentary coffee or tea together while we take a last look at the mood board. If you've chosen a package which includes one of our professional make up artists, this is the moment she will start to prepare you. After that, we will turn the lights on and the session begins.

The most important thing to remember is this: a photoshoot is supposed to be fun. So don't be nervous: the entire session will be relaxed, good conversation always sparks up and the speakers will be set to your favourite music.


You also don't need to panic when it comes to posing: most of our clients are regular people, not professional models, so we are used to directing. 

If you still have not finished paying the total amount for your booking you have time to do it until before you leave the studio.


Once you leave the studio, we will secure all the images of the day on our multiple hard drives. We will take the time to scan out any awkward photos and colour correct them.


72hours after the photoshoot you will receive an online gallery that will allow you to view your images, download them in various JPEG quality formats and share them with your friends and family. All of our packages include a certain number of retouched images, which you will be able to select by tapping your favourites on the gallery.

You can expect your final images 7-10 days after you've sent us the selection, after they have been professionally retouched, edited and colour graded in Photoshop.


  • Do you send RAW files? Short answer is no, never. We are a professional studio and is important for us to protect both our clients and our own reputation. Unedited photos are the equivalent of the first draft of a manuscript and it has no business being published anywhere. However, feel free to discuss special circumstances with us.

  • How long do photoshoots last? Depends on the type of photoshoot, but normal stylized portraits will go on for 1-2 hours (plus an extra hour for make up). We will discuss a time frame through email for organisational purposes, but this should not be seen as a ticking clock. We charge by package not by the hour. 

  • Why are the prices not on the website? Because every photoshoot is crafted for the client we have learned how pointless it is for us to put a price list. Send us an email and we will send you a quote.

  • Can we go on location? Of course, and that includes the possibility of bringing the studio to you. This will of course include additional travel expenses.

  • Who provides the props or clothes? We will assist you with both styling options and with obtaining any necessary props. The studio also has a big collection of clothes, jewellery and props (from flowers, to angel wings and mermaid tails) for you to borrow free of extra charge.

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