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Tomorrow is the big day! You finally took that final step, booked your shoot and in the next hours you'll have your photo taken.

You might be wondering if there is anything specific you can do to prepare. Most people tend to obsess over their posing abilities, and although I do not want to discourage anybody from diving into Pinterest seeking inspiration, the day of the shoot direction falls on the photographer; so unless you are a professional model leave that out of your mind. Instead, focus on the following five steps you can take to prepare for your much awaited photoshoot.

1. Make sure your nails are clean and tidy. It might sound exaggerated, but in my experience there is nothing that looks worse than a model in full hair and make up wearing her best outfit with half painted-messy nails. Regardless of the nature of the photoshoot you've booked, I can guarantee you your hands will eventually appear in the photo and when they do, nail polish stains can look just as bad as having something stuck to your teeth (except teeth are actually easy to photoshop out, nails aren't). You would be surprised if I listed you how many professional models have walked into photo session with half of their nails painted, so don't make that same mistake and remove everything the night before the shoot. On the other hand, if you want your nails painted, this might be a good opportunity to go get them professionally done. It's always better to avoid colour nail polish, but if you absolutely must at least make sure it does not clash with the colour palette you've picked for the session.

2. Pack a variety of outfits and accessories. The photoshoot package you've chosen will probably determine how many outfits you'll wear during your session. However, it's always recommended to bring a few extra options to the set. In fact you shouldn't be surprised if the photographer manages to turn an outfit you second guessed into your favourite. At The Garage Photo Studio, we also have a rack of designer outfits you can pick from to complement your look, so you never know. Bringing accessories (jewellery, glasses, jackets, scarfs) is also recommended, as they can help bring a look together. Keep in mind you probably won't use most of the things you brought, but what matters is having the option in case you decided to do so.

3. Make sure your undergarments match the outfits. If the clothes you've chosen are particularly light, skin coloured underwear is always a safe bet. If the top you're wearing shows your shoulders, it might be safest to arrive to the session in a strapless bra. That way you will avoid skin markings from the straps and safe your photographer a lot of time on photoshop.

4. Have a good night sleep. The night before a photoshoot is a time to pamper yourself. Turn off your phone, take a long shower, go over your skin routine and maybe even reward yourself with a face mask while listening to your favourite music. Do your best to go to sleep early, regardless of what time your photoshoot is booked for the next day. Remember: no amount of make up can cover up a tired face, so make sure to do your best to look your best!

5. Relax! A photoshoot can have many different purposes, but it's always meant to be fun. Just let go, don't be scared of making mistakes and above all trust your photographer to deliver the content you asked for. By the time you walk into that session, try not to focus on the final result and instead enjoy the most out of the experience. I always tell my clients the same thing: "Today we're going to take some amazing images. In order to do that, we're also going to have to take some bad ones, but that is always part of the process. In the end, the ones you dislike will instantly get deleted and forgotten, but the ones you like you'll treasure forever".


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