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Before you hastily embark on a shopping spree in pursuit of the perfect wardrobe for your modelling portfolio, pause, skim through this article and take a moment to consider what's already hanging in your closet—you might be pleasantly surprised!

The world of modelling is diverse, with each country and city having its unique expectations and preferences. In Sydney, the emphasis is on a clean, versatile look, presenting yourself as a blank canvas ready to showcase the campaigns clients envision. Drawing from five years of experience assisting aspiring models in securing placements with top agencies in Sydney, the advice in this article is tailored to guide you through the nuances of creating a standout modelling portfolio in this dynamic and competitive industry.

General Tips

different models in outfits for their model portfolio
Model Portfolio Comp Card Outfits
  • Avoid Branded Clothing: Steer clear of clothing with prominent logos. The goal is to showcase your unique features and adaptability.

  • Neutral Toned Outfit: While embracing colour is fantastic, include at least two neutral-toned outfits. Neutrals (black, white, grey, browns or jean) provide a timeless look, allowing your features to shine without distraction.

  • Consider Future Aspirations: Think about the types of modelling jobs you aspire to book while selecting your outfits. If you envision yourself in sports or athletic roles, incorporating sportswear into your wardrobe can showcase your future potential.

  • Undergarment are Essential: Don't forget to bring underwear that complements your outfits, especially if you plan to wear lighter-toned tops. Neutral-coloured bras are a safe and versatile choice

  • The Power of Layering: Even in the hotter months of the years we always advice our models to think in layers. A jacket, a blazer or a big coat does not only offer versatility but it gives you something to play with during the shots to make the photos more dynamic.

Digis: The Foundation of Your Portfolio

Your professional digis, akin to a modelling passport, are the bare essential anyone needs to apply for an agency or casting. These images are simple, shot on a clean white backdrop, and comprise a full-body shot, side shots, and headshots. The idea is to present a clear canvas for agencies and casting directors to envision you in a variety of roles. For this section, adhere to the following wardrobe guidelines:

  • Simplicity: For these photos, go for a straightforward outfit that emphasizes your proportions. A classic choice is jeans or black pants paired with a black top, swimwear, and your choice of heels, boots, or clean sneakers. Remember that you never need to show more skin than what you're comfortable with. We have as much experience doing swimwear shoots as we do photographing stunning hijab models, so the choice of what to wear is yours.

  • Black is timeless: Black is typically the preferred colour to wear for this section of the photo shoot. Not only is it timeless, but it flatters any figure.

Comp Card Style Photos

This section of your photoshoot is an opportunity to showcase your specialization or desired modelling niches. Whether it's beauty, ecommerce, commercial and advertising, fashion campaigns, sportswear, or other genres, tailor your wardrobe to align with your aspirations.

Make Up and Hair Styling

  • Clean and Natural Makeup: Keep in mind that simple make up and no make-up are not the same thing. While we do recommend sticking to a natural look, at last a layer of foundation is advised to even out the tone of your skin. Highlight your natural features, ensuring your makeup enhances rather than overpowers your inherent beauty. It is always a good idea to bring your products on site, allowing you to go for a bolder look towards the end of the photo shoot if you desire to do so.

  • Natural But Tidy: The same concept applies to your hair. Keep in mind that you will need new digis every time you ask the hair dresser to do a dramatic change, so if you wish to do so make sure to do it before the photo shoot. We do advice wearing your hair by showing your natural beauty: if you have curls make sure to hydrate them, if you have straight hair you can make sure to bring a straightener, if you have a stunning afro style it and don't hide it behind a wig.

In conclusion, curating the perfect wardrobe for your model portfolio requires a thoughtful blend of simplicity, versatility, and an understanding of your desired modelling niches. By following these guidelines, you can confidently step in front of the camera, knowing that your wardrobe is a true reflection of your potential as a model in the vibrant city of Sydney. Best of luck on your modelling journey!


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