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At the Garage Photo Studio we believe our creativity and our passion for art grows even more when we surround ourselves with other artists. Which is why we extend this invitation to other photographers of Sydney to use our space and come assist us on our projects.

Our INVITATION2PHOTOGRAPHERS program runs the first TUESDAY of every month, and it allows you to rent the studio for only A DONATION according to your budget. We understand it takes an investment to either rent a studio or get your own equipment, so this is a great opportunity to give yourself a chance to create some art without going broke in the process. Less focus on the money and more focus on the art. Our head photographer Micaela will be present during the session to assist and help you figure out the perfect light set up to make your project come true. If you wish to arrange this, please email us specifying the type of project you're planning and we'll be in contact with you soon. 

Assisting and participating as a second photographer in our already existing projects is FREE, and we can arrange for you to do so by sending us an email or filling the form below. Micaela is always happy to explain, teach, and give you an opportunity to take some uninterrupted shots on your own. Keep in mind that you would most likely be assisting her or other photographers who are creating their own personal art, as private or commercial sessions have a more confidential nature in order to protect our customers.

Contact us by sending an email to telling us about your project and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: We do not accept projects that include unsupervised minors, nudity or that encourage violence and/or discrimination.

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