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We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we've been nominated as a finalist in the 2023 Northern District Local Business Awards. This recognition is not just a testament to our dedication but also a celebration of our commitment to offering unique and personalized photo shoots tailored to each of our cherished customers.


As a small photography studio in Marsfield, we take immense pride in the intimacy and personalized touch that comes with our size. We understand that every individual, couple, or family has a unique story to tell, and we're here to capture it in a way that's as unique as they are. Our nomination as a finalist in the 2023 Local Business Awards in the Northern District is a remarkable achievement for us, affirming the power of personalization and the impact of genuine, one-on-one interactions.


Marsfield is not just our place of business; it's our home. We're proud to be an active and engaged part of this vibrant community. Over the years, we've had the privilege of working with our neighbours and local organizations, using our photography skills to support and give back. Our connection with the community is at the heart of our success and our nomination as a finalist in the 2023 Northern District Local Business Awards. This is why it has been so amazing to be nominated by an organisation that focus exclusively on encouraging small business and recognising the hard work behind them.


Micaela is the heartbeat of The Garage Photo Studio, and her nomination as a sole operator for the local business awards is a testament to her incredible dedication and creative vision. As our head photographer, she is the driving force behind our business, meticulously planning each photoshoot and leading the creative process with passion and expertise. Micaela's commitment to staying at the forefront of photography trends and technology, including AI advancements, sets her apart in the industry. She doesn't just capture moments; she strives to inspire fellow photographers to embark on their unique projects and unleash their creative potential.

The journey of The Garage Photo Studio, from a humble dusty old garage with minimal equipment to a thriving space that serves businesses across Australia, is nothing short of remarkable. In those early days, it was Micaela who carried the essentials on a two-hour bus ride, driven by her unwavering determination. Today, our studio stands as a symbol of creativity and quality, attracting clients from far and wide who seek the unique experience and exceptional results that only The Garage Photo Studio can offer. Our nomination for the Local Business Awards is a proud moment, underscoring just how far we've come on this incredible journey, and we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity in the world of photography.


Running a small business is hard. It requires dedication, perseverance, and a passion for what you do. Attending the local business awards gala at the Epping Club was not only an incredible experience but also a reaffirmation of our commitment to excellence. The food was a delightful treat, and the performers added an extra layer of entertainment, but the most rewarding part of the evening was the opportunity to connect with fellow small business owners. Sharing stories, experiences, and insights with like-minded entrepreneurs was truly inspiring. Being nominated as a finalist for the local business awards was an immense honour, one that motivates us to work even harder on our photography business. We're committed to providing the best customer service and photography services, ensuring that every client's special moments are captured beautifully and preserved for a lifetime.


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